Louis Olivieri’s Marketing Consultancy and Practice, based in Malta, is committed to the Marketing Profession and we provide an all-round Marketing and business development resource for clients in diverse business sectors and size, offering a highly personalised and professional service. This includes, the setting up and organisation of Marketing departments, Marketing planning and implementation.
We put Marketing concepts into practice demonstrating the positive impact they can make on organisations to develop their business or cause, as the case may be and to society. We contribute to attaining business objectives effectively and efficiently, combining technical know-how, creativity, flair and a professional passion for marketing.


Our mission is to partner with our clients to make efficient and effective use of organisational resources, for them to benefit from the potential to increase success through a company-wide customer centric and Marketing approach.


We believe that Marketing is a business development driver. It provides direction and tools for growing your business, for products and services to be successful on the market, to build a relationship with current and potential customers, creating engagement and demand as a way of making a business and its activity viable, through profitability and shareholder value.


Our values are not only seen in what we do, but in how and why we do it. We take pride in adhering to strong values and finding highly rewarding ways of being effective in contributing to significant results with a great forthcoming sense of service, driven by integrity, honesty and with a smile. We maintain professional standards through embracing ethics and reputation.

About Us

Louis Olivieri’s Consultancy and Practice offers Marketing and Business Consultancy, Advice, Implementation, business growth and development to organisations in diverse sectors.

What we do and how we work

Our competencies and experience allow us to be in a position to share the vision of business leaders and come up with a plan of implementation which we co-ordinate internally by working with the organisation’s management team, mentoring marketing executives within various companies and co-working with marketing executives and members of family businesses as the case may be. We believe and we have proven success that, when a marketing plan is incorporated into the overall business plan, it contributes to effectively attain business objectives. We make efficient use of company resources and get them to benefit from the synergies they deserve.

Experience shows that almost every business applies marketing initiatives and have some of their human resources performing marketing tasks. Very often the marketing function is complemented with the use of marketing communications, digital and related services. Over the years, we found that companies benefit from co-ordinating their marketing functions internally and having them bridged with external providers.

For marketing communications, we work with the company’s agency and suppliers. We also have a pool of resources to be able to service organisations which do not have an agency, or to meet particular objectives. We are also well networked within the marketing scene with marketing bodies and service providers, the media and related stakeholders within the profession, both in Malta and beyond its shores.

We  deliver results because we have a great dedication and sense of service.

We bring our experience, competence and effectiveness from a career spanning over 25 years of senior strategic experience, contributing to board meetings. While serving as a Consultant, Louis Olivieri made significant achievements such as but not exclusive to developing businesses, increasing sales and profitability; building brands which became leaders on the Maltese Market, developed marketing departments, formed part of working teams for restructuring, business growth and development, buy out and take over processes, discussing succession plans with business owners and contributing to their respective implementation.

Our Experience

Louis Olivieri is an accomplished and seasoned Marketer. He is a Business and Marketing graduate and he supplemented this with Diplomas and Certificates awarded after following various courses related to his career. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Chartered Marketer. After climbing up the career ladder performing various marketing and corporate roles, Louis set up his own private practice in 2006, offering marketing consultancy, business development and advice, with a track record of successes for organisations in diverse sectors.

Achievements during his career in employment between 1988 and 2006, span from climbing the career ladder, leading to occupying senior Marketing and Management roles. Starting at METCO, an export promotion agency, he effectively contributed to the workings of the organisation whilst successfully contributing to and implementing a number of projects. Within a long span with the Farsons Group, Louis made a name for himself as the mind and driving force in the launch and growth of a number of products which eventually became leaders on the Maltese Market. These included Budweiser, Draught Guinness, Bacardi Breezer, Absolut Vodka, Gatorade, Lipton Ice Tea. He also effectively used organisational resources to grow marketing budgets, the marketing department and mentoring team members. Louis also contributed beyond his call of duty in complementing the group’s senior management in a number of projects. At Vadala Co. Ltd, he occupied a senior management post where he set up the marketing department. He was instrumental to restructure the organisation, with one objective being to retain representation of a multinational, grew its product portfolio and staff complement. Between 1995 and 2006, Louis occupied senior management and corporate roles within organisations’ top tier, contributed to board meetings from time to time and to projects which resulted in value-added and other benefits to the companies he worked for.

With this passion for marketing, in parallel to his private practice, initiatives to contribute towards the development of the marketing profession through the setting up, chairing and sitting on committees of various marketing and professional bodies, always play a part of the mission. He delivers presentations and lectures at conferences, seminars, workshops, training sessions and events on various marketing themes both in Malta and abroad.

International Network

Professional Associations


Portfolio and Brand Building

When a Company is launching a new brand and/or has a vision that an existing product or service within its portfolio could make headway on the market, we will work on all the elements needed to make this happen by:

• Giving a contribution to the company vision for developing its portfolio and brands.

• Preparing the path and proposals for companies to attract brand owners to selecting them as their partners.

• Negotiating brand support and preparing budgets.

• Mapping the path for brand growth.

• Creating effective concepts to attain the commercial objectives for the brand.

• Preparing Brand Plans.
Coordinating the implementation of the action plan.

Business and Marketing Plans

Your business objectives are translated into a directional plan together with an action programme. The action predominantly takes the marketing route by drawing up an effective business and marketing plan, with a vision, mission, tangible objectives, a strategy, product and business development, a comprehensive marketing activity plan and the other elements incorporated into it.

Organisation of Marketing Functions

Your business may already be implementing a number of successful marketing initiatives. We can help you in the organisation of the marketing functions within your business with the aim of achieving synergies, rendering cost effective results.

Marketing Management

We are able and will give a hands-on contribution to Marketing Management and Business Development. Understanding the marketing functions which your organisation carries out and we will participate in:

• Planning and co coordinating marketing functions and synchronising them with your wider business objectives.

• Coordinating and implementing the Marketing plans creating initiatives which will effectively achieve your goals.

• We can work, if this is your choice, with your own Marketing communications agency to implement your campaigns.

• We can participate to add value to your CSR, PR, Events organisation and other related marketing activity.

• Data/database management

This service is also very useful for an organisation which may have a project, a product launch; and its size is such that it may need some more marketing skills other than the currently available resources.

On-the-Job Training and Mentoring Marketing Staff

Directing and/or co-working with Marketing Executives, Brand Managers and related marketing people, to perform their role through a path which conforms to the company’s goals and objectives. The methodology will include:

• On the job training,

• Guidance, mentoring, training, as the requirements may be, on every aspect involved in performing the role of a brand executive/manager effectively.

Coordinating your Marketing & Sales

We have in-market experience in various sectors and we are able to use this expertise to benefit your organisation through the combined effort of sales and marketing.

Our services revolve around the concept of consolidating and coordinating the various functions of organisations by putting marketing in the boardroom and using a customer-focussed approach. The compendium of services we offer are specific and practical, making organisations more efficient and effective in their operations in general.
Our achievements and competencies also revolve around contributing to board meetings, forming part of working teams for restructuring, business growth and development, buy out and take over processes, discussing succession plans with business owners and contributing to their respective implementation.

Setting up and growing Marketing Departments

We can help your organisation by developing the marketing initiatives and activity into a structured marketing department. We help organisations build and develop their marketing processes and their marketing team

Brand Management

The brands which an organisation holds are valuable assets. We will maintain and increase your organisation’s goodwill through managing brands by:

• Growing the brand on the market, increasing consumer demand and sales volumes.

•Liaison with principals, securing confidence in your company, giving it added strength.

• Attainment and administering of resources to build your business with your brands.

• Building the brand image and identity

Business Development

We can contribute to developing your business by exploring ways of building and strengthening on your organisation’s current resources and structuring them, or by venturing into new areas. We help organisations embed their Marketing functions into the overall business operations. This is a route which offers direction and when professionally put into practice, it can grow your business from many angles such as increasing efficiency, sales, profitability and shareholder value.

Coordination of Marketing Functions

We coordinate marketing functions and develop them into an effective business unit.

Organisation of Conferences & Events

Giving a business meaning and significance to occasions such as anniversaries, opening of new premises, launch events, and others, all with the added value of being built in the organisation’s marketing plan.

Marketing Training and Motivation

The development of presentations, training courses tailor-made to the organisation’s requirements. We are also partnered with international reputable organisations and individuals to be able to give you a full tailor-made training service.

Your Career Achievements and Marketing Education

Marketing is a creative career. Practicing Marketing could become a very rewarding experience in seeing your personality and ideas becoming real life experiences through achieving business results whilst developing your creativity. Being educated in marketing, structures your thoughts, gives you knowledge about tools which can be used to develop a successful business, products and services. We can contribute to your career achievements through:

• Marketing Education and Training

• Marketing Career Guidance and facilitation.


Louis Olivieri’s marketing and business consultancy has made significant achievements with and for organisations in different sectors and size, through various services rendered from the wide spectrum which this consultancy offers. 
  • Audio Visual and Integrated Systems
  • Diamonds and Jewellery
  • Education Services and Training
  • Electrical and Lighting
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)
  • Food and Food Processing
  • Furnishing & finishing solutions
  • Garments and Uniforms
  • Gas manufacture and supply
  • Giftware and home decoration
  • Haircare
  • Home Furnishings & Improvements
  • Lighting and lighting equipment
  • Local councils
  • Oils and Lubricants
  • Pharmaceutical, Fragrances, Beauty and Wellbeing
  • Printing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Ship Management
  • Spirits, Beverages, Beer and Wine
  • Stationery importation and distribution
  • Supermarkets
  • Technological and household appliances
  • Travel
  • Travel trade and logistics
  • Watchmakers, Importers and distributors
  • Others, as the course of our journey presents
We also have a track record in Marketing training and education, having delivered training programmes, Seminars, lectures and talks with business, educational and non-profit making organisations both in Malta and overseas.
  • Lectured at Sixth Form level, leading the first group to sit for their A-Level in Marketing.
  • Lectured Marketing at study centres leading students to achieve qualifications such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry diploma.
  • Lectured at the Employment and Training Corporation (now JobsPlus)
  • We deliver in-house tailor-made courses
  • We deliver presentations at seminars and various events
Contributions to the development of the Marketing Profession

Louis Olivieri formed part of a Committee within the University of Malta to set up Marketing as an approved MATSEC subject. He was also an examiner at intermediate and advanced level for a number of years.

Louis set up and chaired the Malta Branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM, Malta). During his time, CIM Malta organised various talks, conferences with world class keynote speakers and other activity.

Louis has chaired the Marketing Committee within The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, which he was instrumental in setting up and sat on the council on the Chamber’s Tourism Business Section. He also contributes with marketing-related articles on the blog within the Malta Chamber’s Business portal on the web from time to time.

Collaborates with The Malta Institute of Management in various ways.

Corresponds and collaborates with the European Marketing Confederation and its members.

  • Supporting Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) in various capacities over time through, sponsorship, judging, mentoring and others.
  • Louis Olivieri helps other organisations in his personal capacity.


'I would like to thank you for your contribution to Unilever's business which has see some really encouraging results over the last few years . . '
Export Sales Manager, Unilever UK
'Please let me tell you how much Directors but everbody from ESA and from our guests appreciated your fabulous job and big effort in occasion of the opening of our office. It has been a great success.'
Client Support Manager
'I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for all the hard work and time you put into ensuring that Beefeater had another very successful Yacht Race, I thought your arrangements at both ends were exceptionally good and your link with our Italian friends was a first-class idea. On behalf of all of us at Beefeater may I extend our warm appreciation to you and wish you every possible success in the future.’
Managing Director - James Burrough Ltd
‘…..Besides being responsible for a number of brands within the Company portfolio, he played an important role in brand building exercises especially in the launching of new products, which eventually became brand leaders on the Maltese beverage market..'…’As he has always demonstrated a keeness to move ahead, he was encouraged to take on additional tasks even outside the Marketing Department and in subsidiary companies, tasks which he carried out to the satisfaction of his superiors.’
Managing Director - Wine, Spirit and beverage importing subsidiary of the Farsons Group
‘Thank you for your hospitality on my recent visit to Malta and the superb launch of the Members' Group last Thursday evening. Your kindness and that of the members of the Committee was very much appreciated. Please pass along my gratitude to everyone who helped make my stay so enjoyable. I was made to feel most welcome.
Thank you too for your hard work over the last two years in helping to bring to fruition the formation of the Group, and for being instrumental in organising such a splendid evening at the High Commissioner's residence.’
The Chartered Institute of Marketing Director of Membership
I have known Louis Olivieri for many years, mostly in a business capacity. As an international Professor of Business I can say that his conference/seminar organisational skills are outstanding. Without exception, delegates are always delighted. Apart from this, he is extremely intelligent and is a very experienced practitioner of marketing, as well as being professionally qualified. My association with him goes back many years, but I must say that this has turned into a great personal friendship with someone who is now a trusted and valued friend. I would always and without exception recommend Louis as a brilliant organiser, leader and consultant. I should like to add that his boardroom skills are excellent and Directors are always delighted with his work for them. It is rare that I get the opportunity to write a commendation like this, so it is with great pleasure that on this occasion I am able to do so.
Professor Malcolm McDonald MA(Oxon) MSc PhD DLitt DSc
‘…..he set up, drove and developed the Company Marketing Functions. He also liaised successfully with oversees principals developing the Company portfolio and attaining resources….’
Managing Director of Vadala Co. Ltd
“We gave Mr. Olivieri a very sparse brief with many moving targets and short ramp up time. Mr. Olivieri used his many contacts and skills to pull off a very successful event. Mission accomplished and everyone satisfied.”
Marine Executive Consultant
Mercy Ships

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We believe that Marketing is a people business and our strength is in building relationships and contributing to business success effectively.

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